Wealth building BooksPersonal finance has several parts and creating wealth is just one of them. If you have debt, you should have a plan for paying off the debt. A budget or spending plan is also a good idea. Building a nest egg for retirement is also another branch on the tree. Regardless of where you are in your financial plan, it is always a good time to increase your knowledge by reading. Here are some of my favorite books on wealth building. Pick one or two or all seven and increase your knowledge base on the making money mindset and building a nest egg.

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1. Think and Grow Rich!:The Original Version, Restored and Revised

Think and Grow RichThis classic by Napoleon Hill has certainly stood the test of time and it’s principles are as relevant today as when they were written in 1934.

This book talks about the mental aspects of wealth building and helps you get your mind in the right place for creating and accepting wealth. Think and Grow Rich also has chapters on dealing with procrastination, fears and self-defeating thinking. Whether you are trying to build wealth or just live a more prosperous life, Think and Grow Rich is a great read. If you don’t think the original version is for you, there are a number of other versions that convey the same principles as the original version.

2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be RichThis book was written by Ramit Sethi in a no B.S. tone of voice with a hint of humor. This book has a six week plan for 20 – 35 year old individuals. You cannot go wrong with a book that starts with the phrase “Would you rather be sexy or rich?”

I Will Teach You To Be Rich takes its readers through paying off their credit card debt, opening the right type of bank accounts, making the best choices when saving for retirement and gives information on how to continue saving, if you have extra funds.

This book also goes into entrepreneurship. It is a nuts to soup guide to becoming financially stable from saving and investing to increasing your wealth.

3. Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully

Mad Money host Jim Cramer shows you how to turn your savings into real, lasting wealth with this educational Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefullypersonal finance book. Jim’s straight forward approach provides a tried and true plan for investing for the long term. No get-rich-schemes or risky investments.

Jim takes you through the paces of learning about stocks and how to invest in and analyze stocks. Want to try your hand at wealth building with stocks. This books is a great place to get your feet wet. Whether you want to begin investing in stocks and building your wealth or are looking for a source of information on creating wealth, it can be found with Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully.

4. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life

Get Rich Lucky BitchThis book, written by Denise Duffield Thomas, talks about breaking through your money blocks allowing you to make the income you deserve. As the title indicates, this book is directed more towards women to help them breakout of the thought that making less than their male counterparts is okay.

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch talks about:

How to manifest money
How to clear yourself of self-defeating thinking
How to Set a Big Money Goal
How to Feel Positive About Your Money
How to Find Your Saboteurs
Dealing with fear of being rich
How to raise your prices

Denise’s book gives you mindset tools for making money and attracting more money. If you are working at creating extra income, this is a great book to read.

5. The Richest Man in Babylon: Six Laws of Wealth

The Richest Man In BabylonThe Richest Man in Babylon, written by Charles Conrad is a timeless, classic you should not miss out on if building wealth is on your to-do list. The book talks about how to be prepared to be successful and calls this preparation key in the effort to excel at prosperity.

If you are just starting out towards a journey of being your best self financially, the Richest Man in Babylon tells a unique story of financial understanding. For the person ambitious for financial success, tools for acquiring and keeping money and making more money with the surpluses…this book is a must read text.

6. The Compound Effect

The Compound EffectThis book is penned by Darren Hardy who is also the editorial director of SUCCESS magazine. The Compound Effect is all about giving you the mindset to get what you want out of life. You can save enough to retire comfortably just by starting early and being consistent. In order to have extraordinary wealth, it takes a special mindset and willingness to move past all obstacles. This book will give you those tools.

If you are experiencing some struggles in your life, you will find this book very motivating. It is timeless and can be applied to all areas of your life. While this book is not specifically about building wealth through any one system, such as; real estate or stock investment, it will definitely get you in the right place to be successful at whatever vehicle you choose for creating wealth.

7. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

This book is written by Robert Kiyosaki the well-known author of the classic “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Robert is the author of many great The Rich Dads Guide to Investingfinance books and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is one of the 3 core books in the Rich Dad Series and it covers the basic rules of investing, how to reduce your investment risk and how to convert your earned income to passive income as well as the Rich Dad’s 10 Investor Controls.

If you are a beginning investor, this book will give you the guidance necessary to start you down the road towards building wealth and attaining financial freedom. If you are ready to try an investment option beyond a traditional 401K, IRA or Roth IRA, this book is for you!

Personal finance has several parts…getting rid of your debt, building an emergency fund, saving for retirement, etc. If you are want more knowledge on wealth creation, these seven books will get you started  creating additional income through a positive mindset and proven methods for making money.

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